Welcome to the administration center for Carvoeiro property owners!

By using the links below you can update your property description record and availability on Carvoeiro.Com or participate in the owners discussion forum.

New users please read on here:

With more than 1.000 unique user sessions per day www.carvoeiro.com is the ideal place to advertise your rental property in Carvoeiro - In addition to your advert you also get your own availability calendar, which can be linked up from i.e. your own Web site.

  1. How to start  
  2. Payment 
  3. Upload / change photos
  4. Availability calendar
  5. Season dates
  6. Last minute booking offers
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1. How to start

First you have to fill the entry form at
Then make your payment

2. Payment options

Option 1: The price is just 29,- euro per year  with recurrent payment by credit card via below link (Payment is made to Njordbytes). No invoices are issued. You do not need to create a PayPal account.

The advert is renewed automatically but can be cancelled at any time. 

Option 2: Credit card payment for one year with invoice and no automatic renewal at 59 euro per year

 Option 3: Bank transfer payment for one year with invoice and no automatic renewal at 69 euro per year, please email for details

After completing you'll receive confirmation by email. Please forward this proof of payment to webmaster@carvoeiro.com

Your advert will be activated shortly afterwards. After approval the photos can be uploaded

You can change the property information you have on record by visiting

3. Upload photos

Up to 10 photos can be used in you advert, they can be uploaded directly to your page when logged into the admin section.

4. Availability Calendar

Each property get a specific link and can generate a calendar; you'll be able to update the calendar real time through your web browser.

(Please note that passwords are case sensitive.)

There are 3 possible settings for each day in the year: Available, Pending and Booked.

If you wish to link to your calendar page from e.g. your own Website it is easily done with this link:
[when you enter the link into your webpage you should make it open a new window, as there will be no navigation back to your page - the html code for this is:

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.rent.carvoeiro.com/availability.php?pid=ReplaceWithYourIDnumber">check


5. Calendar Season dates

As you log into your admin section you’ll find a new link; “maintain season dates
Here you’ll be able define your season dates by blocks, i.e. 1-6-2003 > 7-7-2003 is high season or 8-7-2003 > 31-8-2003 is peak season etc.
It should only take a few minutes of your time.
The clients find a link on the property detail page they can use to see your season dates.

6. Last minute booking offers

We also introduce an “Offer” season; this is intended for “last minute” vacations,
(you can now set, and change, this price in the “Edit property details”).
On the front page of www.rent.carvoeiro.com there is a new link; “Last minute deals”, properties that has “offer season” dates 6 weeks ahead will be displayed on this page.

Car rental at  very competitive prices and conditions. Earn a free week’s rental in the low season for every 10 paid weeks. Returning customers log in by their email address & drivers license number and get access to modify or view current bookings, see earned bonus days or make a new booking.

Please visit www.algarvedriver.com - you can generate exact quotes online.

If you have any questions or comments of general interest please post them in the “Property Owners” forum at:
Kind regards,

Steen Jakobsen